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the richest in the world slack Although owner Elon Musk has a keen interest in space, it is one of his own companies by car Smile. slack (Tesla) the cars Much in the discussion. At a Tesla launch event, Musk smashed glass while demonstrating a bulletproof vehicle. Something similar has happened now. (Tesla scrambled on the moon, understands it as a yellow signal and continues to braking.)

The Tesla car is offered with a special automatic demo mode. This eliminates the hassle of driving a car. A video of this went viral and the Tesla car is under discussion again. In fact, the Tesla has the feature of a self-driving telsa. This keeps the car moving automatically. But since the Tesla car did not recognize the moon, people started talking about this car because of its biggest mistake. This video was made by a guy named Jordan Nelson.

Jordan Nelson lives in the United States. He put his Tesla into self-driving mode. Suddenly the car started hitting like brakes. They were shocked to see it in the front screen. The yellow moon was visible as the car was driving. This Moon began to apply the same brakes as he understood the car’s signal. This type of video was later filmed by Nelson and posted on social media.

More importantly, he tagged Alan Musk. He said you’ll tell your team exactly how the moon cheats your car’s autopilot mode. The more the car recognizes the yellow color of the moon, the slower its speed is to understand the signal. In this 23-second video, the car brakes 13 times. The driver was also annoyed. In the end he turned off the autopilot mode and drove the car forward.

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You must purchase this feature…
You don’t get this self-driving feature when you buy a Tesla. It costs 199 199. Earlier, buying a car cost 10,000 yen more.

Web address: Tesla’s autopilot feature moon errors yellow traffic light, watch the video

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