#VCF | Local players looking to go to Switzerland

Valencia. Classics are the new faces. Since every time reinforcements arrive later Those who do not miss the date of the first summer training courses are the children of the lower divisions.

Despite the fact that Valencia have 25 first-team slots at the moment, no one doubts that Gattuso will take a large group of footballers from the academy to the stage in Switzerland (maybe between 15 and 23 July) To shoot them and make decisions about their immediate future after assessing them directly.

will remain to be seen What consideration does a new coach give to players who start working with him. After Anil Murthy’s highly unfortunate statement in the summer of 2020 to the English magazine “Off the Field” confirming that he chose Javi Gracia, the eight players who made pre-season, logic and normality suggest that it will be the Trans-Albanian who will choose the players who competed to win a place in the First team.

Last summer there were as many as thirteen footballers who had, to a greater or lesser degree, minutes in pre-season friendlies, Guillem Molina, Adri Gómez, Alberto Marie, Joseda Minargue, Robo Iranzo, Vicente Esquierdo, Javi Guerra, Diego Lopez, Alessandro Burlamaki, Fran Pérez, Xavi Estacio, Pedro Alemani, Jesus Vázquez. Finally, the left-back and Iranzo only had the opportunity to get minutes in the first division (the left-back managed to become a substitute for Gaia ahead of Tony Lato). In the King’s Cup, there was an opportunity Cesar Tarrega and Javi Guerra. But finally, the people who have had the most chances in the first team are those players that Bordalas promoted directly from the youth team, such as Christian Mosquera, Yellow, or Mario Dominguez.

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Separate cases are those of Yarik Gasurovsky, whose development has led him to become a key player in the invitations of the Spanish Under-17 team, and Fran Perez. The reserve striker (Ruffet’s son) was the best striker at Mestalla and would have his chance to beat Renault.

In the end, Gattuso will have to choose, after the first week of evaluation at Paterna, who has his best interest in continuing to make decisions. Children are looking for an opportunity, and the arrival of a new coach is sure to ignite the flame of hope To be able to get a place in the first team.

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