Van Jones is again watching three Trump voters as the nation struggles with unrest

Today, as the country grapples with the death of George Floyd in police custody, the protest movement that grew out of it, and the national conversation about a race that resonates in every corner of American life, Jones reiterated three voters who supported Trump in 2016 to see how reliving this moment in history.

Ohio Democrat who backs Trump says removing White House protesters “was about last straw for many people”

Scott Seitz is a blue-collar Trumbull County Democrat, Ohio. Agricultural land and factories dominate the landscape of this part of the industrial deer, which has voted Democrat for president in all elections since 1976. But numerous plant closures and layoffs here, especially during Obama’s second term, helped deliver the county to Trump in 2016. .

Seitz, who twice voted for Obama, said Trump’s business background and lack of engagement by then-Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton led him to the Republican first vote.

“We put the Democrats in the office, and she turned around and completely forgot about us,” Seitz told Van Jones back in 2016. “We are what makes this world,” we built tanks and bombs that won the wars of this country and for you to come here and completely ignore us, we would rather vote for anyone instead. ”

Today, he is very troubled by Trump’s reaction to the protests and the walk through St. John’s Church.

“I think he put up with it like an arrogant businessman like he is, showing a lack of compassion for people. What he did in front of the church and made those people move and blow bombs and tear gas or whatever. Just so he could get to that sight and knock him when he holds that Bible with that note … If he was such a religious guy, as he says, then he wouldn’t do it, “Seitz said, adding,” it was about the last straw for a lot of people. “

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Still, Seitz says, although he has reservations, he plans to vote for Trump.

“I don’t like Biden so much and I don’t feel he will lead our country. I only support him about 10%. Trump only about 25%,” he said.

What might bother him between now and November is Baiden’s vice-presidential election, because he is so worried about Biden’s age, he believes Biden is unlikely to finish his first term. Seitz mentioned California senator Kamala Harris as a potential pick, but that would interest him, but former first lady Michelle Obama was at the top of the VP list, although she seems to have ended any speculation about political aspirations in her 2018 memoir. “I am becoming” when she wrote, “I will say it directly: I never intend to run for office.”

Michigan voter Trump for 2016: It’s not a systemic problem, ‘it’s a bad cop question’

Leslie Curtis is a lifelong Republican who once voted for a Democrat. Back in 2008, he backed Barack Obama, but as a black man, Curtis says he was disappointed with what he considered Obama’s lack of focus on black issues. He had never crossed party ranks before or since.

Today, Curtis defends the way Trump has handled the protest movement and sees value in his photo options at St. John’s Church.

“It’s his gesture that says we’re ‘strong, you know I believe in the Bible, I believe in Christianity and I just stand by it and we’ll beat this,'” Curtis said, adding, “we needed to symbolically show strength.”

In 2016, while Trump garnered only 6% of black votes in Michigan, the support of voters like Curtis helped Trump win the state by less than 11,000 votes. Curtis has moved to Arizona, which is expected to be in a state of war in the November election.

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While Curtis supports the right of people to protest, he does not see Floyd’s death as an indication of a wider problem with the police and race.

“I had the opportunity to witness black and white cops abusing their authority, so I’m not saying it’s … a systemic issue in general, but I think it’s a bad cop issue. Of course, what happened to George Floyd was a tragedy, it was sad.As a black man, it’s hard to watch things like that and not have some kind of emotion about it, which makes you react when you’re more emotional than you logically think, ”he said, adding,“ When you say it’s systemic, it removes responsibility from the individual who committed the crime. “

West Virginia voter Trump: President’s response to protests was “proportional”

Allen Lardieri

Allen Lardieri is a proud veteran and proud coal miner. In 2016, every county in their West Virginia state voted for Trump.

Immediately after Trump’s inauguration, Lardieri told Van Jones that he hoped the president would not only fulfill his promise to bring coal work to him, but that his presidency would be a game change for every political office.

“My whole rationale for voting for Trump was not because of politics, but because of Trump,” Lardieri said. “His unconventional nature will cause a political upheaval … you have these career politicians, the same people who have inhabited Capitol Hill for so long, they are so disconnected from their base. Trump if he is such an outsider will make people start thinking and hopefully : “Oh, wait, maybe we could lose our jobs if we don’t become more representative.”

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Today, Lardieri is pleased with Trump’s record and his reaction to the protest movement.

“I think what he did is proportionate,” Lardieri said. “They say he supports the protest. What the president and I and many others don’t support is when someone kidnaps a legitimate protest and turns it into some things you see playing at night.”

However, as a veteran and American, Lardieri condemns the actions of officers now charged with Floyd’s death.

“I took the oath when I joined the military … and the oath is not taken when you have a uniform or take it away. It is still with you for life. Every time someone has a position where they have confidence – law enforcement, military or otherwise – step outside and do something completely out of their oath, it’s insane. And in this case it’s not only crazy, it’s deadly. ”

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