Biden spokeswoman Jen Psaki reprimanded reporters over questions about abortion

A journalist wants to know how US President Joe Biden can support abortions despite his beliefs. Then his spokeswoman Jen Psaki’s response went viral on the network.

A White House spokeswoman commented on the state’s strict new abortion law Texas cause a stir. Jin Psaki said Thursday (local time) at a press conference in White House as she did above in Video I can see. A journalist had earlier raised the question of how the US President Joe Biden It can support an abortion despite his belief.

Psaki’s answer to the reporter’s question was widely shared on social networks. Biden, 78, is a professed Catholic. He often talks about his beliefs and often stresses that Faith It helped him get through personal tragedies. “He thinks it’s a woman’s right. It’s a woman’s body and it’s her choice,” 42-year-old Psaki said of the president’s stance on abortion.

Biden responds indignantly to the new law

The alleged heartbeat law is banned from Texas miscarriageOnce the fetal heartbeat is determined. This can be done in the sixth PregnancyThe week is the case. Not many women know yet that they are pregnant at this point. The only exception is for medical emergencies.

Biden had responded indignantly that the law went into effect on Wednesday and the Supreme Court in… United States of America Urgent request rejected. He said the Supreme Court’s decision was an “unprecedented attack on women’s constitutional rights”.

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