Vaccinations spread like viruses: dangerous or future?

Vaccinations spread like viruses: dangerous or future?

Is everything going too fast? Reeves notes the findings of research in the late 1990s that “there is an evidence-based standard that such vaccines are highly unpredictable.” He and his colleagues now wish, in addition to the projects now being revived, not to neglect addressing findings from that time. “We want to know: what has changed since the results of the 1990s and why are these results not taken into account in current projects?”

Autogenous Vaccines: The rulebook is missing

Reeves stresses that it has so far been difficult to assess the behavior of these vaccines in the wild. “It just takes more planning,” he says. “These types of vaccines are manufactured for distribution – they don’t recognize national borders.” Additionally, one cannot assess how a vaccine has evolved over a long period of time within a population. It is important here to have international discussions about laws and regulations before using a self-spreading vaccine.

“Overall, we would like researchers to explain in more detail how vaccines can develop their full benefits. How exactly can we make these vaccines so predictable?” says Reeves.

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