Vaccination Commitment, Anief: “To reduce infection, measures are necessary to keep workers and students away within places. We are also increasing the workforce”

This morning the seminar organized by the Anief Consortium entitled “DL 172/2021 and vaccination for school staff” was organized: President Anif Marcello Pacifico and Senator Bianca Laura Granato (L’Alternativa) and Gianluigi Comparison ( Italexit) attended the meeting. It is run by Clara Artal, head of the union’s press office. To listen to the live broadcast again, click here

From today, the duty of vaccination begins for workers in schools, police forces and the army. With regard to education, the Ministry, yesterday, through a ministerial circular, clarified the steps: Accordingly, the duty of vaccination for teachers was introduced and came by Decree-Law No. 172/2021. Starting next Wednesday, school staff will have to prove that they have vaccinated or held the vaccine for the next 20 days. With the introduction of the duty to vaccinate, the daily checks carried out by school principals also change. For schools there is a different green lane verification platform than common ones (possible through the C-19 Verification App). The Access Channel will continue to be the computer system sir that schools already use in their administrative procedures.

The question during the meeting is whether it is right for these employees to be suspended; Remember that 4% of school personnel have not been vaccinated. Meanwhile, some states have received provisions to suspend the mandatory nature of the vaccine. Marcelo Pacifico stated, among other things, that “the union is confident of the suspension of the ruling by Lazio Tar, given that the same suspension for healthcare personnel was submitted by the Court of Padua to the European Court of Justice, declared unconstitutional in Slovenia for all public functions and forbidding in the United States awaiting the Supreme Court’s decision.”

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The leader of the union, Marcelo Pacifico, said that “the debate begins today. The decree-law arrives at the Senate in the first commission on constitutional affairs, also regarding the amendments introduced. Regardless of how this decree is turned into law, we still have to deal with European legislation. We believe that this judgment a priori does not guarantee the principle of proportionality, nor does it guarantee the principle of adequacy of the system for school staff The number of unvaccinated among school personnel is few compared to those who have been vaccinated, not to mention the students who have not been vaccinated. In our opinion, a vaccine alone cannot be sufficient to stop the rush The virus, especially in schools. Instead, there is a need for more space, division of classes, more staff, all elements that would reduce infection.”

Senator Gianluigi Paragon, member of the mixed group, Italéxit of the Italian Human Value party, stated that “the health sector, the school sector and the security sector have suffered from a lack of investment but above all cuts. Today we are not talking about compulsory vaccination, but about a rule providing for the right to vaccination.” This means that you have the right to be vaccinated, because you feel safe, because you have the information, you are informed, and that means that you are the protagonist automatically” and you are not obligated to do so.

Senator Bianca Laura Granato, a member of the mixed group, L’Alternativa, stated that, “Indeed, there is no public interest in this vaccination obligation, just as there is no in the green corridor. The obligation cannot be due to an emergency situation in which we find ourselves; to avoid Infection, it is also necessary to focus on something else. All necessary precautions must be taken; in the case of classes with an outbreak of the disease, it is necessary to allow uninfected students, after all particle smears have been taken, to take classes in class. Unfortunately, there are educational disasters to be addressed ” .

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