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The journal presents research reports that are understandable to the general public.

Science Spectrum is a monthly magazine that introduces readers to popular science topics and research. In 1978 the first issue of Science magazine appeared in Germany. The German version is based on “Spectrum Science??” In Scientific American, a monthly magazine published since 1845. However, over the decades, the magazine became more and more independent of the model from the USA. The authors do not only wish to address trained natural scientists and convey natural scientific facts in a way that is understandable to those interested in a simpler scientific background.

Explanation to the public by researchers and science journalists
Among the authors of articles in the “Spectrum of Science” include recognized scientists from specialized fields as well as science journalists. In many cases, the authors include researchers who have conducted an investigation of the presented topic themselves. In some issues of the monthly journal, winners of major scientific prizes explain the results of their complex research to a wider audience. Some articles have been translated from the American “Scientific American” magazine. In addition, “the spectrum of science?” Readers regularly but also completely independent articles for which German-speaking experts are responsible.

The focus is on a wide range of topics from the natural sciences

Research in the classic natural sciences of physics, biology, and chemistry is often discussed in the journal Science. At the same time, topics from the fields of astronomy and Earth sciences have also appeared in many editions of the Science Spectrum. in the foreground. The authors often publish discoveries and findings from archeology in the monthly journal. In addition, readers will find regular reports in the magazine on innovations, ideas, and future visions from the technology sector. Can anyone who wants to understand important research findings from medicine and neuroscience get information from the articles in the “Spectrum of Science”? It is not uncommon for interpretations to be understood. In addition, authors in the field of mathematics try to present complex calculations with the greatest possible understanding, and therefore also arouse wide interest among people outside this field.

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Special issue series and principles based on the American model
In addition to the regular monthly numbers “The Spectrum of Science??” Several special issue series focusing on specific subject areas. Editorial articles in Popular Science sometimes also deal with research findings that previously appeared in a specialized journal. The magazine design is based on the “Scientific American” model magazine concept. The scholarly focus of contributions and collaboration with research scholars from the subject area play a major role. Clarity of facts to a wide audience and independence of the editorial staff are the same important principles on which the articles in Spectrum of Science are based. based on.

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