Utah players say the head of the school discriminates against the coach, so sit outside

“Utah State University canceled Saturday’s football match with Colorado State University amid concerns voiced by USUFootball players about religious discrimination while searching for a new football coach,” The school tweeted Friday night. “The university will take this time to meet the players and hear their concerns in an open dialogue so that it can address them.”

Cockett’s manager and sporting director John Hartwell met the players via Zoom to discuss Miley’s nomination for the job Tuesday, according to Playground. During the call, the team leadership board was “stunned” by Cockett’s comments regarding Miley, a Polynesian LDS member.

For each stadium, a player took an anonymous survey asking players if they were on a Zoom call and if they were concerned about anything they heard in the meeting. About three-quarters of the survey respondents highlighted concerns about religious bias against Miley by Coquette.

On Friday morning, at a players-only meeting that lasted more than an hour, they unanimously voted not to play the Saturday night game in Colorado. The technical staff was informed of the meeting after its conclusion.

“during [Tuesday’s] During the meeting, we expressed our support for Interim Head Coach Frank Mile. In response to our comments, [players’] His main concern was his religious and cultural background. Expressing their diverse religions and backgrounds, the players said in a statement to the stadium, after that they jumped to coach Frank Mile’s defense in treating everyone with love, equality and fairness.

Miley has coached in Utah since 2009. He served as interim coach in 2018, then again this season after replacing Gary Andersen in early November after a 0-3 start.

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Utah will end year 1-5.

Utah is said to be hiring former Arkansas state coach Blake Anderson as its new coach, which is what the players indicated in their statement on the field.

“We want our message to be clear that this has nothing to do with the appointment of coach Blake Anderson, the trainer recently hired for the program. We are sure he is an excellent coach. We look forward to meeting him and his staff. We are highlighting the ongoing problems of inequality and we want to create a better future for the Logan community.” And Utah State University. “

This week’s developments came a year after an incident described by the players as “our chief equipment manager used racist slurs against one of our African-American teammates. After the incident was ignored, pressure resurfaced for an investigation in the summer of 2020. After the investigation, management concluded that It will continue to work. “

The school chirp It “takes racial discrimination cases seriously” and has appointed an outside investigator to look into the incident and has taken disciplinary action.

She is “disappointed that my comments have been interpreted as a bias against anyone’s religious background,” Coquette said in a statement. “No matter how difficult the conversations in the coming days, I remain committed to giving our students a voice.”

Mountain West Conference He said in a statement The official status of the game will be determined at a later time.

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