USA: Woman wins the lottery – for the third time with a scratch card

Updated December 1, 2021, 10:35 a.m.

  • Few of them are so lucky: a 61-year-old young woman in the United States won the third lottery in her life.
  • However, the amount is somewhat manageable.

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The alleged scratch cards are in United States of America very famous. They are often served at a cash register at grocery stores or gas stations. The costs are kept within limits, as are the chances of winning (as with all lotteries). However, a retiree in Maryland has now eliminated all odds.

The woman recently purchased two scratch cards at a Talbert Ice and Beverage Service in Bethesda. The first was a failure, but the second attempt was a direct hit: the 61-year-old was waiting for a profit of 50 thousand US dollars, as was the American radio, among others. CNN mentioned.

That would be great in and of itself. But in this particular case, this was the third time that a woman who didn’t mention her name had one win the lottery can brush how CNN Quoted from Maryland Lottery Agents.

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A lottery winner from Baden-Württemberg has had nearly four years to redeem his colossal prize – it has now expired. © ProSiebenSat.1

Happy Winner Surprised

She had already had $50,000 in her pocket in August 2018 – and again the following October. “I couldn’t believe it, again!” , quoted by the woman in the report. According to her own statements, she wants to use the money for urgent repairs to her house.

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A triple win may seem unusual – the amount can be controlled compared to other lottery bowls. Only in January of this year someone from Michigan broke the Mega Millions jackpot. It was the third biggest jackpot in US history and suddenly made the player very rich. For the six-digit lot 4, 26, 42, 50, 60, 24, he received 739.6 million US dollars (about 608 million euros). It was the only group containing six numbers.

A player from Bavaria wins the Eurojackpot in September 2021

In Germany, too, large sums are frequently distributed to winners. In September a lucky man in Bavaria broke up the Eurojackpot – They can look forward to a double-digit profit. As announced by Westlotto, a total of 4,9327,084.70 euros was spent on the ticket.

note: In an earlier release, the opening credits stated that the chance of winning the lottery three times was in the range per mile. In fact, of course, it is much less. We omitted the wording.

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