Out of Control / in Rai 3 with Mel Gibson and Ray Winston (March 6)

Out of Control with Chris Hemsworth

TV programs Rai 3 Prime time plans Saturday, March 6 at 8.40 pm Thriller drama broadcast out of control. The movie was shot in 2010 thanks to a co-production between the United Kingdom and the United States of America which was also attended by major film companies including Warner Bros Pictures. The film was directed by Martin Campbell with a theme taken from Troy Kennedy Martin’s homogeneous television series while the script is the result of the work of Andrew Bovell and William Monahan. Edited by Stuart Bird, Phil Mihawks was entrusted as Director of Photography while Howard Shore composed the music for the soundtrack. Actors include Mel Gibson, Ray Winston, Danny Huston, Bojana Novakovich, Shawn Roberts, David Aaron Baker and Jay O Sanders.

Titanic, the plot of the movie

We are in the city of Boston where a police detective named Thomas lives and works: he is gifted with great experience and can boast of many years as an army veteran, which definitely helped him in various police duties. His life was marked by many dramas, especially the death of his beloved wife. However, in the following years, he managed to find a certain balance as well thanks to the attention he must give every day to his daughter Emma, ​​who is now 24. Unfortunately, around the corner is a new and exciting experience for poor Thomas who will have to deal with the tragic murder of his daughter. In fact, the young woman was working as a trainee in a company, and one day, while she was going to visit her father, she was shot in the chest by a stranger who knocked on the door of the house. A meaningless episode casting the detective in a state of despair who wants to open an investigation to discover the responsible person in the man’s past because it may be a kind of revenge for some past episodes. Unable to find any kind of evidence, the detective decides to conduct private investigations that focus on the company in which his daughter worked as a trainee and trainee. He will soon be able to discover that the company was actually doing some dirty work that might have been covered up by the death of his daughter. In these investigations, the police investigator will also be supported by his beloved daughter’s friend and an old friend, endangering their existence. The police investigator will have to use all of his skills and experience gained over the years as a soldier in the US Army so that he can conquer and unravel a true national conspiracy.

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