USA: The professor reportedly wrote hateful comments with a fake profile

University professor New Hampshire In the United States of America It should be in Twitter She issued as an immigrant and wrote sexist and racist comments. The state university, the largest in the US state of New Hampshire, confirmed the man’s withdrawal, but only described him as a faculty member. Consequently, the termination followed a four-month investigation.

The man, a white man who was a professor of chemistry, according to the Associated Press, wrote fake tweets that ranged from “unhappy to painful to extremely painful.” According to the Associated Press, the head of the university’s faculty of chemistry actually described this in an email in October.

In a public message, the university president wrote that they want to protect the privacy of all concerned. This is why one is restricted in what one can say. However, the university came to the conclusion that the behavior demonstrated was inconsistent with the university’s values ​​and the expectations of each faculty member to contribute to an environment “free from intimidation and harassment.”

Racist, sexist and transgender comments and photos should be shared regularly on the profile, which has now been deleted. The man is also said to have invented an immigrant background in order to criticize other users who advocate more diversity in the fields of science, mathematics, engineering and technology. As reported by the AP, he has mostly attacked women of color on Twitter and has spoken out against the efforts of an unnamed police force after his death. George Floyd Fight against racial injustice.

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