Coronavirus: The United States exceeds 50 million vaccines

The White House calls for approval of a stimulus package to reopen schools

Madrid, 13 years old (Europe Press)

The United States exceeded 50 million vaccines this Friday, according to a count by the American Bloomberg Agency, which determined that 36.8 million received a single dose, while 12.8 million received a single dose, while the two included immunity 12.8 million.

In addition, last week, the average daily vaccinations were 1.7 million, which is higher than the goal set by the country’s new president, Joe Biden, of injecting 1.5 million vaccines per day in the first 100 days of his term.

The high vaccination rate was accompanied by a decrease in the number of daily cases, which gave some relief in the country most affected by the epidemic in the world, with 27.4 million infections and 480,567 deaths.

With the goal of continuing to vaccinate non-priority groups on the horizon, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin announced that 20 more military teams would join vaccination across the country.

Half of the groups will consist of 222 people, while the other half will consist of groups of 139 soldiers.

New actions on the table

The White House spoke in favor of the recommendations of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and asked Congress to approve an economic stimulus package of $ 1.9 trillion (€ 1.56 million) in order to safely reopen schools.

“We sacrificed a lot this last year, but science tells us that if we support our children, our teachers and our communities with the resources they need, we can safely bring children back to school in more places in the country,” he said. Noted in a statement.

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The president assured that once the Senate confirms the Minister of Education, Miguel Cardona, it will order him to implement a plan that includes hiring teachers, smaller classes, and more transportation to get children to school. In a safe place by way.

In opposition to the plan to reopen the school, White House spokeswoman Jane Psaki ruled out the possibility of ordering a PCR test on domestic flights transiting the United States, stressing that this procedure is not a recommended procedure by CDC scientists.

Montana removes the mandatory mask

Montana Gov. Greg Gianforti withdrew his commitment to wearing the muzzle on Saturday as he promised in the campaign after he considered that the state had made sufficient progress in vaccinating the priority groups, according to ‘The Hill’.

“We will affirm personal responsibility over the obligations,” he said. He also confirmed that he would continue to wear masks.

Another state has loosened its restrictions in Minnesota and increased maximum capacity in restaurants, events, gyms, and swimming pools.

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