Unfair and unconstitutional political retaliation

(Teleborsa) – “a flagrantly unjust and unconstitutional act of political revenge.” So attorneys Donald Trump They specify theIsolation The former president of the United States. In the US Senate, part of the political process is dedicated to defense Who has 16 hours to present his theses.

Trump’s defense team attacked hard Video Democrats introduced it to support the former president’s role in the assault on Capitol Hill. For the former president’s lawyer United States of AmericaIn fact, it’s a brilliantly edited video with the word “Are fightingIn this regard, they provided several passages in which Democratic senators used the word “fight” in their speeches (omitting references to the fight for health coverage for American citizens or to climate change).

they Conclusion The video released by the Democratic administrators did not however prove Trump’s guilt in the Capitol attack. The same attorneys have informed the court that they are planning to file a relatively short defense note. The Washington Post says that Processing It could actually shut down in a day SaturdayWhen the defense is presented, questions from senators on both sides will follow before the final vote in the chapter.

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