USA: Should Trump leave his Florida mansion soon? Politics abroad

The “Winter White House” should have remained, but after the electoral defeat, the luxurious Mar-a-Lago resort will likely become the former president’s permanent residence. But is this possible?

After the inauguration of Joe Biden as the new president of the United States yesterday, Donald Trump, 74, traveled to South Florida and spent his first night as a former president of the United States at his favorite resort. As a private citizen, he can live in a Palm Beach facility. The advantage: He can often swing the iron at the nearby Trump International Golf Club.

On the way to sunny Florida: Donald Trump and wife MelaniaPhoto: AFP

The New Yorker had turned his back on his hometown years ago and had his main residence changed to a state of sunshine: This step was also from protest, as he became almost a persona non grata, an persona non grata, at the Big Apple. Mar-a-Lago has been his favorite property for nearly four decades.

Is Trump even allowed to live here?

The Mar-a-Lago Resort as Trump’s new home is stirring up controversy: Because the Republican formerly ran the complex as a private club, thus saving huge taxes. The official owner is The Trump Organization. Early in 1993, Trump contractually assured authorities in Palm Beach that it was not his residence.

But it now appears that this could become a big problem. Because: He was only a member of the club so far and was only allowed to live in it 21 days a year. Meaning: If he abides by this contract, he may not stay in the resort except for three weeks so that it does not become permanent residence!

Now some neighbors rise to the barricades: a lawyer has sent a letter to the mayor with a suggestion that Trump move to another residence.

New Year Party 2020: Donald Trump with his wife Melania Trump

New Year’s Eve 2020: Donald and Melania TrumpPhoto: AFP

What is Trump doing now?

In Florida, his eldest son, Donald Trump Jr. and girlfriend Kimberly Guilfoyle, as well as his son Eric and wife Lara, kept him in company. “telegraph”.

Ivanka’s daughter and husband, Jared Kushner, were not on Air Force One from the capital. It is unclear where they will spend the coming days and weeks. But the truth is: the couple bought a plot of land near Palm Beach to be closer to Trump.

The Huffington Post Report: One of the first calls from Trump after Biden was sworn in was Lindsay Graham, a senator from South Carolina and a loyal ally. Trump reportedly told him that this “is probably the second most beautiful place after the White House.”

Trump was the first to call: Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee Lindsey Graham

Trump was the first to call him after Biden Amstein’s introduction: Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Lindsay GrahamPhoto: AFP

Trump also told him that he was currently looking for “some lawyers” for his impeachment measures. “He’s trying to put together a team,” Graham told reporters.

Trump will not turn to his usual attorneys: Rudy Giuliani, his long-time personal lawyer, has stepped down, because in theory he could be called as a witness in the case. Other lawyers have already refused to work for Trump.

In the next few days, Trump will likely prepare for the operations that could begin next week, that is, in the last week of January. It sure will get a nice place.

And his fans are delighted with his arrival: On Trump’s road to Mar-a-Lago, his supporters waved “Trump 2020” flags and signs reading “Welcome home.” Others shouted “I love you” as his motorcade passed by.

Trump fans are excited about the arrival of the former president

Trump fans are excited about the arrival of the former presidentPhoto: AFP

One thing is clear: Trump will remain an important opposition figure in US politics from his new base: He is expected to severely criticize his successor, Joe Biden (78) at every opportunity and oppose what he sees as “traitors” within the Republican Party.

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