USA: Investigate airlines for compensation and reimbursement

during the epidemic

RR | New York | 11 July 2022

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The US Department of Transportation is targeting airlines for compensation and reimbursement for passengers during the pandemic. The entity reported that it had already completed investigations with 10 airlines and that it would study 10 more.

Although Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg did not disclose which airlines they had actually investigated, he emphasized that they would enforce passenger rights. “We will work with airlines when they are ready to take positive and proactive steps, whether it’s pay improvements that help with hiring or flexibility in customer service,” Buttigieg told Fox News Sunday. “We will also work to enforce passenger and consumer rights.”

Another transport ministry official told Reuters that the department will take enforcement action in the coming weeks for airlines that have not complied with consumers. For his part, Buttigieg claimed that airlines “did not provide refunds to travelers after they defaulted on cancellations” and that the points they provide in refunds do not compensate for the value of canceled flights.

As mentioned REPORTUR.usRecently, the Department of Transportation warned airlines to stop charging passengers with children extra fees to accommodate them together. (The US requires airlines to seat passengers with their children at no additional cost.)

The Department of Transportation announced that airlines should “make immediate adjustments as necessary to ensure that young children can be seated alongside accompanying adults,” including an upgrade to a more premium seat.

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