USA: ‘Credible’ sexual harassment charge against Cuomo dropped due to insufficient evidence

2021-07-06 Former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. North American Policy Platt Spencer International of the United States

Madrid, 4 (Europe Press)

The Albany County District Attorney’s office in New York announced this Tuesday that it is making a decision to withdraw one of the sexual harassment charges against former state governor Andrew Cuomo because, while “credible,” you can’t try.

District Attorney David Soares explained, “Although we found the lawsuit credible in this case, after reviewing all available evidence, we came to the conclusion that we could not do our job at trial,” and emphasized that this was his office. The function of “Prove the elements of the crime beyond a reasonable doubt.”

The indictment in this case dates back to late October 2021, two months after Cuomo resigned as governor after six other women reported being assaulted by him. In the latter, the alleged victim claimed that the now-dishonored Democratic leader touched her without her consent at her official residence in Albany.

The charge was dismissed three days before Cuomo appeared in the case, which the Albany County Sheriff’s Office brought before Soares completed his own investigation, causing uneasiness to the attorney general, who indicated a few weeks ago that the accusation was “potentially flawed.”

With this, Cuomo adds a new legal victory, after several prosecutors have already announced that they will not press charges against another series of charges against him, because despite their “credibility” they do not constitute a crime. This is the case, for example, of an NYPD officer, who reported that he had touched him inappropriately at a Long Island racetrack.

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All of these accusations were supported by a report last August by New York Attorney General Laetitia James, which included accounts of women who reported being attacked by Cuomo, who submitted his resignation days later.

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