US wants EU to defer digital tax تأجيل

AGI – The United States has invited many European countries to Postponing the digital tax project مشروع It will finance the European stimulus plan, believing it risks spoiling international negotiations aimed at global tax reform. This is the result of a document seen by AFP.

Some diplomats said Washington made its arguments as part of a low-level diplomatic approach to a handful of European capitals. The new European tax to be announced by the European Commission on July 14“It threatens the work done through the OECD/G20 process,” the US document states.

“We urge you to work with the European Council and the European Commission” to delay the announcement of this new tax, US diplomats added. According to the United States, the publication of the European project may risk “to completely derail the negotiations at a sensitive moment.”

They are currently in the OECD Negotiations with the participation of 139 countries To reach an important preliminary agreement on global taxation ahead of the meeting of G20 finance ministers, which will take place in Venice on July 9. Talks will continue after that, with the hope of reaching a final agreement in the fall.

Diplomatic sources said that American arguments in particular were transmitted to Germany, the Netherlands and the Nordic countries ودولBut the relevant member state authorities refused to formally confirm Washington’s approach.

These countries, along with Ireland, were already supporters of the failure of a similar project for a European digital tax, which would have increased taxes paid by American tech giants such as Amazon, Google and Facebook in Europe.

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Although it has not yet been announced, the European Commission insists that the proposed tax will be Compliant with OECD agreements Which will affect thousands of companies, including European companies. It aims to help fund the 750 billion Eu Next Generation plan.

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