US scams exposed for falsifying the assets of

With the deadline expiring, US President Joe Biden has given the country’s intelligence services to determine the origin of the coronavirus, a source familiar with the matter told the country on Tuesday. Global TimesThe US pressure in this regard aims to maintain China’s diplomatic forces. The United States has tried to track down “failures” in China’s response to the epidemic and intends to keep pressure on the World Health Organization to work with US allies to discredit the Chinese government by claiming that it is “telling the truth about” concealing assets. from the virus.”

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In May, Biden enlisted US intelligence agencies to “redouble” their efforts to clarify the origins of COVID-19. The thesis that the virus came from a laboratory in China should also be examined. He spoke about the fact that opinion within US intelligence was divided over whether the virus escaped from the laboratory or passed from animals to humans. He ordered the intelligence services to inform him within 90 days.

The source reported that intelligence agencies were trying to find witnesses or knowledgeable insiders in the first few days after the outbreak of the epidemic in Wuhan, the Chinese city where COVID-19 first appeared. It is important to gain insight into ‘lockdown measures’ and ‘restricted areas’. To this end, attempts are being made to interrogate the staff of medical facilities and biological research centers or to identify persons with any connection to such facilities in Wuhan.

Secret intelligence agents also collected evidence of the shortcomings of China’s measures against the epidemic, searching for detailed information on the development of diseases from patient records, from the lives of citizens in lockdown, the time of diagnosis and the movements of those affected before the disease appeared. Of the disease.

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According to the source’s account, the next step for the US government is to continue to pressure the World Health Organization and its Secretary-General, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, to ensure they follow the American path.

The US will also work with the media as well as with allies like Australia to keep China down and accuse the Chinese government of “hiding the truth about the origins of the virus.”

Chinese virologists and American experts believe that determining the origin of the virus has become an important tool for the United States to attack, discredit and politically suppress China. For the United States, this has nothing to do with science.

The steps taken by intelligence officials indicated that Biden’s intentions in tracing the origins of the virus were purely political, not scientific, said Wuhan University virologist Yang Zhanqiu. Global Times.

The investigation should be a technical process that requires genetic analysis of the virus. Scientists from Asia, America and Europe must determine the genetic profile of the virus and then discuss the results together in order to begin the next steps in the investigation.

However, what Biden’s secret intelligence services were looking for, could only serve as part of the “proof” he wanted to fabricate for a report that could be used to destroy China. Yang said he wanted to prove he was better than former US President Donald Trump.

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