Football: Vorhop-Schönewördes Nicholas Muller put the end of his career in the room

Repeatedly !? For the third time, FSV striker Nicholas Muller (left) seriously injured his meniscus. He no longer ruled out the end of his career.

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Nicholas Muller of FSV Vorhop-Schönewörde has already suffered a meniscus tear three times. After the last operation, the storm gem announced to the regional football team the end of its career.

Voorhope – Nicholas Muller It looks really unlucky – at least in terms of injuries. Already on the first day of the District Football League Season A, Torgarant tore himself FSV Vorhop-Schönewörde Part of the meniscus in his left knee. Muller already has it The third such violation. This is why there is a potential career end in the room for the first time!

Nicholas Muller can’t remember the crucial scene from the first game of the season against SV Westbuck on Sunday 12th September. “I can’t say exactly. I think I represented myself in racing. At one point I had this oppressive feeling in my knee. I couldn’t straighten and bend it properly. Unfortunately, I knew that already,” Storm sighs as she looks back.

It’s not his first bad injury. Both the meniscus in the right knee and the newly injured meniscus in the left knee have already been affected in the past. “A good ten years ago, I tore part of the meniscus in my left knee. Then part of it was taken out and the other part sutured again.”

inevitable process

After the diagnosis last Monday, it was clear: the stitched portion and a little meniscus ruptured again. The operation took place last Thursday.

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Bad news, also for FSV coach Arne Hoffert: “This is of course a disaster. But we have to deal with that now. It’s bad, not only because the person who scored the goals is missing, but he was just a character on the pitch.”

Muller gives advice from the sidelines

For Muller, the end of his career is no longer on the question. “I said at the time that if something was in my knees again, I would listen to my body.” If the meniscus was completely removed, Muller “no longer risks. I’m not 24 either. It would definitely break my heart, but I also have to think about life after football,” the 31-year-old confirmed.

His physical program begins on Monday. Just four days after the operation, the pregnancy was increased to 25 percent. Then Muller wants to get back with his team right away. “If possible, I want to go to every training session and every match so I don’t lose touch.” He can also give his (sometimes very young) mates some advice along the way. Perhaps FSV is coming out of what Muller calls an “enchanted” situation (three games, zero points).

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