US House of Representatives delivers indictment to try Trump for the second time

Washington, DC /

The US House of Representatives referred the indictment to the Senate The trial of former President Donald TrumpAccused of “inciting disobedience” after his supporters seized the Capitol on January 6th.

Democratic members of Congress appointed as “prosecutors” for Trump’s trial formally filed the impeachment bill, marking the formal opening of an unprecedented process against the former president.

And in a solemn silence, the nine “prosecutors” appointed by the Democratic President of the House of Representatives, Nancy PelosiThey crossed into the Senate the same lanes decorated with statues and paintings that Trump supporters broke into during the attack on the Capitol building on January 6.

In addition to being the second political trial in his career, it will be the first former president to be tried before the US Congress, which will formally start in the week beginning February 8, according to what has been announced. By the Democratic Leader in the Senate, Chuck Schumer.

Democratic representative, Jimmy RuskinAnd the He was the spokesperson for the handover of the indictment against Trump at around 7:00 pm local time for the Senate. Democrats and Republicans agreed to delay the start to give Trump more time to prepare his defense and give Biden a chance for the Senate to confirm his government.

With them, some senators will be sworn in as jurors in Trump’s trial this Tuesday, and the former president will receive a subpoena to answer the charges against him.

Before handing over the indictment to the Senate Agreed to appoint Janet Yellen as Secretary of the Exchequer. The appointment of future Secretary of State Anthony Blinken will likely be voted on Tuesday.

For now, a Senate conviction against Trump appears unlikely at the moment, as the former president remains popular with his constituents and has major backers in the Senate.

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It is true that the Democrats now control the Senate as well as the House of Representatives. However, their majority in the Senate are extremely fragile: They hold 50 seats compared to the other 50 Republicans. In the event of a tie, she is the Vice President Kamala Harris Who has the right to vote.

But it takes 60 votes to put major reforms forward. And two-thirds of the senators condemn Trump, a goal that appears difficult to achieve, even though the influential Republican minority leader has, Mitch McConnell He did not rule out a vote on the conviction.

Among Democrats, however, the votes were almost unanimous. Outside of Congress, the former president’s judicial future remains extremely complex, with several lawsuits initiated across the country, including tax and tax suits. aggression Sexual.

“He must shoulder his responsibilities. The future of this country is at stake,” the head of the House Judiciary Committee said on Monday. Jerry Nadler Hours before the document is delivered.


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