UNTURNED brings zombie-fueled open-world survival game to the Xbox One and Series X | S and PS4

UNTURNED was developed by those who work at Smartly Dressed Games, with 505 games behind copyright, and it has garnered thousands of very positive reviews since its launch in 2017. Now is the time for Xbox One and PS4 players to enjoy Survivor sandbox. The question is, do you have what it takes to form alliances between neighborhoods, in order to survive the undead?

Available for purchase and download on Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S and PS4, a UNTURNED console with a completely redesigned camera system, improved physics, visuals and controls put in place to alleviate console owners’ concerns.

At £ 19.99, UNTURNED will see you take on the role of a survivor, left to work its way through a huge sandbox world full of the undead. A world full of zombies awaiting will witness all sorts of danger, but through perseverance and trash, you must be able to find it within you to fend off the strength of the undead. There are many things to watch for at UNTURNED but among the most important ones are those related to health (food and water will rate you here), and radiation levels (food and water probably won’t help). As you can see, being hit by zombies or wandering aimlessly through a dead zone will see your health take a big old knock. Make sure you take protection, right? The hazardous materials suit should sort out your condition.

With 8 sandbox maps to work with, loads of crafting opportunities, the opportunity to enhance your skills and to move in with loads of customization, UNTURNED appears to be ready to be able to provide a very fun little sandbox experience. Use private servers for you and your colleagues, or public servers that let in the entire community, and things will improve.

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Features include:

  • • Mega Maps – Explore up to 8 sandbox maps with land, air and sea travel
  • • Crafts – Create your own equipment and structures from the supplies you collect
  • • Power Up – Upgrade skills in three classes: offense, defense and support
  • • Personalization – Avatars can be fully cosmetically customized
  • • Team play – brave zombies and other enemies alone or as a team with friends
  • • Compete or Alliance – attempt to form alliances with other players or eliminate all competitors

Our full UNTURNED review on Xbox One and PS4 will be coming soon, but if that’s too many Steam Reviews Sell ​​this product as a one-day purchase, go to Xbox Store And PlayStation Store. You’ll find the game fully playable on Xbox Series X | S also.

Game description:

UNTURNED is an open survival sandbox where you assume the role of a survivor in the rubble of a contemporary society full of zombies and must work with your friends and form alliances to survive among the living. Find weapons and supplies to survive against zombies and gain experience points that can be used for upgrades as you progress through the game. You can hunt for clothes, weapons, food, and supplies, all while avoiding zombies and other players. You can also collect and craft resources (wood, metal, etc.) to create fortresses, defenses, etc. Explore the maps and find what you are looking for: each resource will be useful to keep you alive, create equipment for your defense, and fight zombies and other players. There is a large variety of items, weapons and vehicles available (planes, cars, tanks …): Find out what might fit your game strategies! As you progress through the game, eliminating zombies helps you earn experience points, and is useful for upgrades and increases your skills in three classes: attack, defense, and support. Survive online and battle with up to 24 friends thanks to dedicated servers or share the adventure at home in split screen multiplayer mode! Stay free!

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