University of Bayreuth: High praise from the Minister – Bayreuth

Zeit-Resort Knowledge Editor Anna-Lena Schulz spoke to Hannah Schmid-Petry, Head of Science Communication at the University of Passau, about the theme of the annual academic celebration “In the midst of crisis – what science can and must do now”. She called for strong science communication: “Science is also responsible and should be involved in social dialogue.”

Partners in Australia

Vice President for International Affairs, Nina Nestler, and Vice President for Research, Thomas Schäipel, provided insights into international networks and research successes at Bayreuth University. Among others, they report on ramping up with partners in Australia, on a new international graduate school with Monash and Melbourne Universities and also on local partnerships: the University of Bayreuth takes over scientific support for the Future Energy Laboratory in Wunsiedel.

Together with the Student Parliament Board of Directors Milan Tartler and Felix Kaiser, Martin Huber, Vice President for Education and Students, is dedicated to his student life on campus and to the courses offered by Bayreuth University. They have demonstrated how they cooperate exceptionally well between the university and the student body on campus over short distances.

close friends

Leibel described the Strunzs, managing partners of Lamilux GmbH in Rehau, as “wonderful supporters and close friends”. Dorothy Sterns, Member of the Board of Trustees of the University of Bayreuth, and Heinrich Sterns, Chair of the Board of Trustees of the Business Research Center for Medium-Scale Economy Issues, are appointed Honorary Senators.

The University Medal was awarded to Stefan Clemens. “With exemplary commitment and vision as the founding dean, he made a special contribution to Seventh College, shaping it sustainably and helping to shape it strategically,” said Lebel.

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