United States of America: Republicans block the swearing in of the Pennsylvania Senate

Some Republicans in the United States now appear to be serious about their threats not to accept the positive election results for the Democrats. According to the Associated Press and some media reports, he stormed the scene Pennsylvania A bitter dispute after the Republican-led majority barred incumbent Democratic President Jim Brewster from taking the oath.

According to Republican leaders, the senator was not allowed to take the oath as his narrow victory in November will be contested in federal court. After Democrat John Fetterman refused to acknowledge the proposal that would have prevented Brewster from being elected, he was withdrawn from The meeting chair has been removed.

Previously, Republican Nicole Zicarelli required the disposal of several hundred postal ballot papers that were missing a handwritten date on the external voting envelope, as required by state law. These ballot papers gave Brewster the edge he needed to win. The issue was addressed before the state court system, with Zicarelli eventually losing. “We believe this is an illegal and illegal attempt to disenfranchise Senator Brewster,” said Jay Costa of the Democrats.

The Pennsylvania incident relates to Donald Trump’s increasingly desperate attempts to retain his position. Nine weeks after he was defeated, he continues to pretend he’s won.

Several Republican lawmakers declared their election victory Joe Biden Unwillingness to confirm in the US presidential election. At the joint meeting of the House and Senate, where Biden’s presidency is supposed to be formally approved, they want their consent to be denied. They justified the plans with allegations of election fraud and alleged voting irregularities in several US states.

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