United States of America. Halliburton lost 2,428 million in 2020, three times more

New York, 19 (Europe Press)

US oil company Halliburton closed the year 2020 with net losses attributable to $ 2,945 million (2,428 million euros), which is three times what it recorded in 2019, according to the annual accounts it published on Tuesday. a company.

The company’s full-year sales were $ 14,445 million (11,919 million euros), down 35.6 percent from the previous year. Revenue from the Production Division amounted to $ 7,839 million (€ 6,468 million), 44.1% less, while the Drilling Division’s revenue decreased by 21.1%, to $ 6,606 million (€ 5,405 million). euro).

Taking into account geographical areas, the company’s sales volume in North America was 5,731 million (4,729 million euros), 51.8% less, while in the Middle East and Asia it decreased by 13%, reaching $ 4,233 million (3,493 million euros). .

On the other hand, income from operations in Latin America was $ 1,668 million (1,376 million euros), 29.4 percent less, while in Europe, Africa and Russia it was $ 2,813 million (€ 2,321 million). EUR), 14.4 percent less.

During 2020, the company recorded an asset write-down accounting fee of $ 3,799 million (€ 3.135 million).

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