United States of America: $ 15 billion for the nationwide shipping network

The US government has now officially confirmed that it intends to invest $ 15 billion in building a nationwide network of 500,000 electric vehicle charging stations. That reports “elective.net”. The volume has already been leaked previously, Now management US President Joe Biden More details.

A combination of Grant and incentive programs For state and federal governments as well as the private sector, the goal is to accelerate the construction of charging stations in apartment buildings, public parking lots, municipalities, and express charging stations along the country’s roads.

The United States government considers that “Most electric vehicle drivers […] At home and at workWill be charged, as stated in the White House notice. However, the overall shipping infrastructure ‘Play a major role for people who do not have off-street parking and for long tripsThe robust, practical and affordable network of public chargers increases drivers confidence that they have the option to charge when necessary.

The government hopes that the services that will be created around the construction and maintenance of charging points will “Paid unionized jobs here in America can’t be outsourcedSubsidies are also planned to bring more freight infrastructure manufacturers to the United States of America, and the Department of Energy announced new research grants on three topics related to electric vehicle charging, totaling $ 34 million.

The Ministry of Transport, headed by former presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg, has also started the fifth round of “Alternative fuel corridors“- This program supports the development of infrastructure to ship hydrogen, propane and natural gas along highways and expressways. The goal is to strengthen 51 highways and 50 highways in 25 states.

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Also for the planned conversion to Federal Vehicle Fleets There is an update: The Responsible Public Services Department states that it is on its way to triple the number of new, zero vehicles compared to the previous year.

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