United State. The IBEX 35 starts the week with a 0.73% gain and attacks 9,100 pending crude oil.

04/19/2021 A group of people take a photo of the APEX 35 curator at Palacio de la Bolsa, on April 19, 2021, in Madrid, (Spain). Monday is marked by a 0.2% rise in ibex, which led selectivity to stand at 8,630.5 integers at 9:01 am, in a week still marked by business results corresponding to the first quarter, by the evolution of Coronavirus infection in a context of uncertainty and doubts about vaccines And the European Central Bank (ECB) interest rate decision that will be made known on Thursday. Economics by Oscar Canas – Europa Press

Madrid, 10 (Europe Press)

The Ibex 35 began the session on Monday, up 0.73%, triggering a selective stand at 9,125 integers at 9:01 am in a week marked by business results and inflation data from major economies, with particular attention to the United States. The data, along with retail sales next Friday.

In this way, the eclectic from Madrid began the session above the psychological level of 9,100 integers, with most values ​​rising, waiting for oil after the cyber attack on the largest network of oil pipelines in the United States.

In this context, a barrel of West Texas Intermediate (WTI) oil, the benchmark for the United States, was trading at $ 65 at 9:01 am, after rising 0.76%, while Brent crude, the benchmark for Europe, stood at a record high. . $ 68, an increase of 0.85%.

In the early stages of the Monday session, the largest increases were recorded by Sabadell (+ 2.78%), Amadeus (+ 2.32%), ArcelorMittal (+ 2.2%), Colonial (+ 1.7%), Mapfre (+ 1.67%), Bankinter (+ 1.64%), BBVA (+ 1.31%) and Repsol (+ 1.11%), while PharmaMar (- 0.75%), Cellnex Telecom (-0.59%) and Solaria (-0.34%).

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The rest of the European equity markets opened flat in the Frankfurt and Paris cases and rose 0.2% in London.

Finally, the euro settled against the dollar at 1.2156 “dollars”, while the Spanish risk premium settled at 69 basis points in the early stages of the session, with the interest required on the ten dollar bond at 0.499%.

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