United kingdom. Activists block McDonald’s distribution centers

London /

Environmental and animal rights activists have banned many distribution centers in the UK Of the American fast-food chain McDonald’s, confirming that it will affect 1,300 restaurants.

“We do it for the sake of End the suffering of fast food that causes obesity, and the destruction of the Amazon And it’s warming the planet, “Animal Rebellion explained on Twitter.

This group is behind the event, which targets four distribution centers in England: Coventry, Manchester, Basingstock and Hemel Hampstead near London.

He said that the animals revolted It will stay in those places for at least 24 hours.

A McDonald’s spokesman said that The chain’s distribution centers were “currently experiencing an outage” And he was assessing the “impact on deliveries” of restaurants.

“We apologize to our customers for any disappointment this may have caused,” he added.

Animal Rebellion posted photos in it Activists were seen blocking the entrance to a distribution center in Coventry With bamboo structures and a small cart.

Coventry Police on Twitter explained this He was talking to the activists to “reduce the disturbance.”.


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