Unbelievable in Russia: The news terrifies US norms. Could be the breaking point

The news relates to the fact that McDonald’s, the sandwich chain known for extreme globalization, is about to leave or has already given up on Russia from put it in.

A world finally open to a multiverse of pluralism, including identities, freed from the deadly grip of American monopoly.

In fact, it would be the first step towards finally creating a different world, finally removed from the mono-colonization of the Atlantic Matrix. (radio)

Other sources also talk about it

(askanews) — McDonald’s has agreed to sell its Russian business to merchant Alexander Govor, who already operates 25 of the chain’s restaurants in Siberia. Gofor, who has been the US company’s dealer since 2015, will acquire the entire McDonald’s portfolio in Russia It will operate restaurants under a new brand. (Askanews Agency)

The plan provides 3% operating margin and approximately €3 billion of cumulative free operating cash flow by 2023 and the plan provides 3% operating margin and approximately €3 billion of cumulative free operating cash flow by 2023. (Milan Finance)

McDonald’s get out from Russiathe long line in Moscow to open its first fast food restaurant in 1990. Like the other 850 Russian McDonald’s, this one has also been closed since the beginning of the invasion of Ukraine – even if it’s a McDonald’s location. (Republic)

McDonald’s leaves Russia from the opening of its first store in 1990 until the farewell. Pictures

migration of McDonald’s from Russia That’s what it says now the brand is withdrawing and selling the rest, hoping not to leave its 62,000 employees at home. (ilGiornale.it)

In fact, in the immediate following days, the new Donmak brand was born with a brand and photographic products similar to those in the United States. And the consequences of this choice are heavy and not only for the Kremlin: experts have calculated the loss of more than one billion dollar product. (QuiFinanza)

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handle. Shortly after the invasion, hundreds of companies decided to close their businesses in RussiaAs a sign of opposition to the conflict launched by the Kremlin. These include McDonald’s, which is closing all of its restaurants. (Sky Tg24)

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