Ulm region. Men talk and attract children

When meeting men in the Ulm region, three girls have behaved correctly in the past few days.

An 11-year-old was seduced in Amstetten
On Tuesday afternoon, October 26, 2021, an 11-year-old girl told her parents about a meeting. She was on her way home a little after four in the evening in Amstetten. A dark car followed her from the train station across Main Street, and later described her to the police. In Drosselweg, one of the men got off the truck. He gave her money and sweets when she came in. But the 11-year-old knew how to behave properly. I ran away. When I realized the car was following her, I ran through a park and made it to safety. She described the men in the car as brown. One of them was very tall and had a beard for three days. So he was wearing dark pants and a light shirt. In the evening, the family informed the police.

Incident also in Dornstadt
A similar incident was said to have occurred in Dornstadt on Wednesday, October 27, 2021, according to police reports. At about 1 pm, a seven-year-old was approached by a car on Tomerdinger Strasse. She described this first to witnesses, and then to her parents. She also fled on the spot and ran away to witnesses over a piece of property. The car was described as a silver truck, at first the girl could not remember anything else. The police immediately searched for the car, but with no results so far.

Further communication in Bernstadt
Around 5 p.m., children of a family in Bernstadt noticed that someone had apparently been hanging out in the garden. They recognized a black car behind the house. Then the stranger left again. The children immediately reported this to the parents, who called the police.

The police are looking for the unknown and are investigating
It also checks if the events are related. Police praised the children’s sad behaviour. She advises parents to talk to their children about the correct behavior and give them advice. The police can provide information on online support at the address https://www.polizei-ulm.de/ansprechen-von-kindern/.

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