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The growth of the cryptocurrency this year has been remarkable, as are companies VisaAnd the Tesla s PayPal They paid her admission. Likewise, 86% of central banks in every country conduct studies of their impact on the economy, with long lists of positives and negatives. China is the undisputed leader today, with its national digital code and strategies like Digital withdrawals and wallets To promote its use. Japan and Switzerland have their own digital currencies. Today England announced that it is valuing its own digital currency, which is why a Coordinating Group has been created in its central bank.

Cryptocurrency included adIt will neither replace cash nor detract from the transactions made by it. However, the new assets can be used in the private and public sectors. For now, the group will only conduct research and consult with shareholders, banks, financial technology, payment providers, and technology companies to learn their views and how to do so. “We are in the process of launching a working group between the Treasury and the central bank to explore the possibilities,” said Rishi Sunak, Britain’s finance minister, during a conference on Fintech.

The statement also highlights that it may not be implemented depending on the results. The central digital currency of the bank, which is a department created for this purpose, will remain after an investigation to conduct censorship work on digital currencies and its impact on the country’s economy.

The United Kingdom is preparing to accept cryptocurrencies

Sunak also announced new measures to be taken by the United Kingdom regarding its acceptance and regulation and could do so thanks to Britain’s exit from the European Union. Among them, the removal of various restrictions on cryptocurrency transactions; For example, who can do it and who cannot. In this way, the country hopes to attract more investors into digital assets while at the same time positioning itself as one of the countries with the most acceptance. In January of this year, Amsterdam ranked first as a trader of these securities in Europe, according to reports Reuters portal.

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