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The media called it “Super Thursday”, with this tendency to follow historical political moments that do not coincide with the enthusiasm of the electorate. Typically, participation in UK municipal elections does not exceed 25%. However, this 6th of May is of particular significance. It will be the largest election of this kind since 1973, and more than 48 million citizens were invited to the polls. In addition to the regional elections in ScotlandWith the challenge of the absolute majority of the Nationalists in the Scottish National Party and its promise to hold a new referendum on independence, the Autonomous Parliament of Wales was also elected, along with more than 5,000 councilors, 145 municipal governments and 13 mayors.

The British electoral system and every city council choose their deadlines to call to the polls, but the pandemic has delayed many of the votes planned for 2020 for a year, which are now accumulating in one date. The overall score will be used to gauge whether Boris Johnson has recovered, thanks to the success of the vaccination campaign, from catastrophic management of the crisis. To reaffirm or question, New Labor leadership, Keir Starmer.

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Recent polls predict an overall governorate advantage of between 11 and 17 points. In total, between 500 and 700 other actors. It is not a loud figure, but it contradicts the assumed notion that these types of elections are safe ground for the opposition, as they allow voters to slap the government in the face. Some allies Former Labor leader, Jeremy CorbynRush to demand Starmer’s resignation if he fails to regain an advantage in the historic Labor Party fiefdoms of the so-called “Red Wall” in northern England, which Johnson conquered in the December 2019 elections. A certain realism makes it possible to turn around the biggest electoral defeat since 1935 and make the Labor Party He is the winner in just one year, the BBC Training Leader responded.

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Two competitions with permission from Scotland will be closely watched. Mayor of London, where el laborista Sadiq Khan He hopes to keep his position and Hartlepool Circle on the northeast coast of England. Safe Square has been on the left since its inception in 1974. Labor MP Mike Hill is facing sexual harassment charges and has resigned, leaving the position vacant, and polls give Conservatives a 17-point lead. Johnson has already visited the region three times, awaiting a symbolic victory that would strengthen his leadership.

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