UK Experience: Only 15 people tested positive out of 60,000

sHe. She 15 people Coronavirus has been tested between 60,000 Who attended the various mass events organized in United kingdom To test the safety of reopening stadiums, nightclubs and other venues with large audiences.

Coordinated by the researcher University of Cambridge Theresa Marrow, The pilot test allowed restrictions to be exceptionally lifted due to the epidemic in England Cup Final, in a playground WembleyAwards ceremony Brit Awards And in two special sessions of the disco Circus Night Club de Liverpool, Among other occasions.

Attendees must present a negative side-flow test for COVID-19 that is conducted on the same day as the event Two PCR tests, One before and after participating in the test.

According to the first results of the trial, released on Friday by the series Sky NewsA government spokesman indicated that the prevalence of registered cases among those who attended these events “is in line with the proportion of the general population” in the United Kingdom, where the rate of positives per 100,000 residents is 22.

The UK CEO will use the obtained data to design the next step in de-escalating the pandemic, which the Prime Minister said, Boris Johnson, Hopes to give June 21st. At that time, Johnson It aspires to remove all legal restrictions to avoid infection, including the use of masks and a commitment to adapt public spaces to maintain distance between people.

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