UK bans Clearview AI facial recognition technology

Clearview AI It has become one of the most controversial companies regarding artificial intelligence. After announcing his plan to store and recognize the face of every human on earth, many organizations and governments began to move against this idea. In fact, at the time we told you Why would it be such a terrible thing If that happens. Now it seems It was the UK that decided to take its next stepand requires Clearview AI to “remove all images of its citizens that they have collected from the Internet and social media to create a global database that can be used for facial recognition.”

According to the media cnetAnd The order was issued by the UK data protection regulator. In addition, Clearview AI was required to post bail of 7.5 million pounds (approximately $9.4 million). In addition, from now on, the company You will not be able to collect more photos Nor any other kind of public information for the citizens of the area.

Just a few days ago, Clearview AI encountered a file Similar case with the US authorities. But on this occasion, The company is prohibited from trading with users’ public or private information; Which means that from this moment you can no longer sell it to third parties. Likewise, it will have to stop providing facial recognition service and its database to police departments in some states in the country; A fact that has been categorized as the perfect recipe for distinction.

Massive facial recognition is a bad idea

A man has been arrested after being mistakenly identified by the AI ​​for facial recognition

Clearview AI Inc has collected multiple photos of people around the world, including in the UK, from a variety of websites and social media platforms, creating a database of more than 20 billion images. The company not only makes it possible to identify such people, but also actively monitors their behavior and presents it as a commercial service. this is unacceptable.

John Edwards, Information Commissioner

In addition, Edwards confirms that International cooperation is essential to protect data of users. Thus, he adds that he will have some meetings with EU officials in the city of Brussels over the next week to discuss facial recognition issues on a large scale.

Clearview AI has taken multiple photos of both of us from the internet, and now they are making them available to the highest bidder. Using facial recognition technology in billions of photos will end anonymity as we know it.

Silky Carlo, director of Big Brother Watch, a human rights group

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