UFC Vegas 12: the choices and expectations of Hall vs.

Team Bloody Elbow set their expectations for UFC VEGAS 12 On ESPN +, And only Tim Bissell thinks Anderson Silva will (likely) end his UFC career in a big way with a win over Uriah Hall. He’s also the only one to pick André Willy over Bryce Mitchell as Co-Chair. Well … wait a minute … Tim Bissell has engaged in a serious commitment to discrepancy unlike anything I’ve ever seen in my life. At least not since Tim Burke’s silly Strikeforce show: Oklahoma City back in 2013.

Uriah Hall versus Anderson Silva

Muki Alexander: Maybe this fight will give us flashes of an ancient spider like the Battle of Adesanya did. Or we witness a competition peering between two strikers and an ugly split decision ahead. Or Silva’s leg exploding on him again. Uria Hall by unanimous decision.

Zane Simon: Few fighters command as much respect in their opponents’ cage as Anderson Silva appears. With the exception of Chris Weidman and Jared Cannner, everyone who has fought the “spider” seems to treat it more as a one-off honor in their life than a battle they really need, or even want to win. At some point, that would almost certainly be enough to beat Uriah Hall, who looks exactly like the kind of guy to go out of the way right now. But Silva’s current iteration goes beyond negativity. All the hoaxes, all the wrong directions, all the classic Silva clowns are there, but the poison rarely comes behind. When he steps in to accomplish something, he’s often the one who gets broken. I expect Hall would give Silva a lot of time and space to have fun fighting and watching. Something along the lines of Silva’s matches with Adesanya and Nick Diaz, but at the end of the day, I can’t trust Silva to win the rounds anymore. Uria Hall by decision.

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Personnel Choice Hall: Zane, Mookie, Dayne, Phil, Stephie
The team that chooses Silva: Bissell

Andre Willy Vs. Bryce Mitchell

Muki Alexander: This is a great battle. Philly is clearly the best striker and lesser-appreciated attacking wrestler, but he deals with a specialist perfectly good enough to beat him and make his day miserable. In many ways, this is largely a stylistic clash, but I think we have to admit that Mitchell is likely wearing camouflage in the cage, so Philly might literally not be able to find him. Price Mitchell by unanimous decision.

Zane Simon: This fight will tell us a lot about Bryce Mitchell’s direct potential in the featherweight division. André Willy is a capable, steadfast and ubiquitous fighter. He can push a busy pace as a striker, either going forward or backward. He can do some gentle takedowns to change momentum when he needs to. He was generally strong in the stampede, with requests coming from more opportunistic moments than from drawn-out ground battles. He definitely should be able to propel in Mitchell’s footsteps and potentially maintain that position. But I don’t think he will. While his hitting has improved a lot, Philly is still a heavy hitter, especially when he steps into the pocket. And more and more, wrestling with him was a way to slow down good attackers. Having said that, Mitchell is likely dashing him in and trying to get him down. Can Philly avoid a messy fight? Can he play a clean and technical out-of-game match for three rounds? I think Mitchell is very dangerous. Bryce Mitchell with the introduction.

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The team that chooses Fili: Bissell
Staff Pick Mitchell: Zane, Muki, Dane, Phil, Stevie

Kevin Holland vs Charlie Antivirus

Muki AlexanderA late exchange versus a late exchange. This will be a squash match. Kevin Holland from TKO, Round 1.

Staff selection in the Netherlands: Zane, Mookie, Dayne, Phil, Stephie
The team that chooses the Uni-virus: Bissell

Maurice Greene opposite Greg Hardy

Muki Alexander: It would be hilarious for Green to replace Hardy with a triangle choke but this is probably a terrible kickboxing match. Also lol in Hardy losing weight almost. Greg Hardy by unanimous decision.

Zane Simon: Hardy feels a little trickier to lock down as a steady striker. Greg Hardy made the decision.

The team that chooses Hardy: Zane, Muki, Dane, Phil, Stevie
The team that chooses Green: Bissell

Bobby Green vs Thiago Moises

Muki Alexander: This should sound a lot like fighting Michael Johnson except that Bobby Green does not have Johnson’s unique ability to de-combat. Green looks better than ever and if he wanted to deal with Moises he wouldn’t be a death sentence. Moises will totally pawn feet from start to finish. Bobby Green by unanimous decision.

Zane Simon: Moises from the cold caught Mary Submarine on Michael Johnson the last time, but up until that point he was eating alive on his feet. And while Bobby Green doesn’t always press for action in his fights, he’s not Johnson when it comes to self-sabotaging. Green has always been a tough fighter to wrestle with. And if he manages to keep his production the way it has been lately, chances are he has a very clear path to winning. Bobby Green made the decision.

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Team Green Selection: Zane, Mookie, Dayne, Phil, Stephie
Employees who choose Moises: Bissell

Adrian Yanez against Victor Rodriguez

Muki Alexander: Vic will ban the shit from Adrian Yanase! Rule 4 in this MF! (Note: Yanez will win). Adrian Yanez by KO, Round 1.

Zane Simon: Vic clearly saw Eddie Mercado getting all that love for his pro debut and decided to do it better. Would you let that fool make it to the UFC in front of you, Eddie? Adrian Yanez via KO, Round 1.

Tim Bissell: Nobody gives our man a chance! I believe in you, Bud. Victor Rodriguez Introducing Technician (Peruvian Tie) Round 1.

Yanez Staff Selection: Zane, Mookie, Dayne, Stephie
Rodriguez’s selection team: Bissell, Phil

The rest of the card

Chris Grootzimacher versus Alexander Hernandez

Gruetzemacher Selection Team: Bissell
Hernandez Selection Team: Zane, Mookie, Dane, Phil, Stevie

Sean Strickland vs. Jack Marshman

The cast that chooses Strickland: Zane, Mookie, Dayne, Phil, Stephie
Marshman Selection Team: Bissell

Cole Williams versus Jason Wheat

The staff chose Williams: Zane, Muki, Bissell, Phil, Stevie
Wet staff selection: Dane

Dustin Jacoby vs. Justin Lidditt

Staff Selection Jacoby: Zen, Muki, Dane, Phil, Stevie
Leadit Staff Selection: Bissell

Miles Jones vs Kevin Natividad

Johns Staff Selection: Zane, Mookie, Dayne, and Stephie
The team that chooses Natividad: Bissell


Who wins?

  • 38%

    Anderson Silva

    (130 votes)

  • 61%

    Uria Hall

    (204 votes)

334 votes total

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