Purdue Basketball Recruiting: Trey Kaufman Commits

A few years ago, Indiana came to Purdue’s backyard and picked it up Rob Vinici From Lafayette.

We even considered.

In one of the most shocking developments on the recruitment front, Purdue went to southern Indiana and found the Top 40 National Recruits in Trey Kaufman’s exit from Silver Creek HS near Louisville.

Let’s look at the numbers. It is number 31 nationwide Per 247, No. 32 According to Rivals, And # 72 according to ESPN. Ranked slightly ahead of Purdue Committing Caleb Furst (# 45 in 347, # 38 in Rivals). It’s the first time Coach Painter has had a pair of Top 50 recruits on a single recruiting cycle since then Ja Joan Johnson And i-Toon Moore.

His Silver Creek career has been very influential so far. As a sophomore in 2019, he led Silver Creek to the 3A state championship with an average of 15.1 points, 9 rebounds, and 40% shootings out of three. He scored only four points in the title match, yet he had 12 rebounds and six assists in a solid overall game. This was a 52-49 win over Culver Academy Ethan Britten Watts (Currently playing at Boston University), Tree Galloway (Now at IU), and Craig County (4-star defensive end ended in Iowa). His team went 25-3, with the three losses coming 15 points ahead.

Last season, Silver Creek was 25-2, winning first in their group before the IHSAA State Championship closed. This included a 78-74 win on December 14 against Forrest. Even as a freshman in 2018, his team was 6-20 with a sectional title. His teammate, Cooper Jacoby, committed to playing in Toledo.

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Simply put: Purdue has two of the highest-rated strikers in Indiana in the 2021 category and two of the highest-rated players in that category. Kaufman at 6’8 “, 210 pounds more as three projects with Furst at 6’8”, 215 more than four, but it can also be somewhat interchangeable. Although not as highly rated as Harrison Ingram, he is still a highly rated recruiter and a big winner.

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