Ubisoft Connect will enable cross-play Ubisoft games

(Pocket-lint) – Ubisoft will launch a new online service alongside Watch Dogs: Legion on October 29.

Ubisoft Connect will enable cross-play and progression through its titles from now on, so that you can continue and play on one platform, but then you can continue where you left off on another platform.

This means if you have Xbox One X and Stadia, you can switch and play on either platform, while saving games that can be accessed by both. Additionally, you will be able to play in online multiplayer mode against anyone who has any console, cloud service, or PC.

This will work for players who have Ubisoft, PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch and Stadia accounts. The console or Stadia account must be linked to your Ubisoft account, but that’s it.

Creating a free Ubisoft account.

In addition to cross play and cross progression, Ubisoft Connect will take over the best aspects of the current Ubisoft Club. You’ll earn XP and units by playing games, with the latter being able to spend on in-game items and rewards.

As part of the Ubisoft Connect launch, the publisher unlocks more than 1,000 old Ubisoft Club rewards for players to enjoy for free. Find out more at Official Ubisoft Connect website.

Written by Rick Henderson.

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