Uber must recognize drivers as employees in Switzerland: Geneva court

An old dispute was resolved on Friday 3 June by the Court of Justice in Geneva, which is the highest judicial authority in Switzerland: Are Uber drivers partners on the platform or employees?

Several statements have been made in the world, but this time it is about an authority with weight, which on Friday indicated that “Uber drivers should be considered employees.”

The court thus confirmed the Geneva decision, meaning requiring the company to comply with the law in order to continue operating.

According to the Geneva Cantonal Court of Justice, after all possible analyzes, based on normative evidence and the experiences of participants, it found that there is a working relationship between Uber drivers working in Geneva and the company.

Uber is a transportation service located in many countries around the world In fact, it works on many things and is appreciated by the citizens who use these special vehicles to get from one place to another.

Decisions like the one announced by the court on Friday, through a statement, have already been adopted by other judicial authorities. More than a year ago, in March 2021, the UK’s Supreme Court issued a ruling that also ruled that Uber drivers are labour.

Now, another European Supreme Court has joined. “In short, Uber drivers can no longer be considered self-employed, but are recognized as employees,” the Geneva cantonal authorities said in a statement.

They will have to suspend their activity

They added, according to information provided by the court, to the media and international news agencies, that “the company must suspend its activity until it complies with the law.”

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In this context, as of Saturday at midnight, Uber You will not be able to work in Geneva.

In the US, the Uber platform has autonomous vehicle service. – picture:

Respecting workers’ rights

According to the canton of Geneva, the decision by the Federal Court constitutes “a major step forward with regard to working conditions, protection of workers and the fight against unfair competition”.

According to Geneva, this “victory is very important because this diligence will have consequences for all the Swiss cantons”.

The Uber Taxi option is now available in many Swiss cities, such as Bern, Zurich, and Lausanne. Uber said in a statement that hundreds of truck drivers with a chauffeur were affected in Geneva.

Citizens choose these services because, unlike traditional public transport for taxis, in the VTC they can send their starting point and report the arrival point, with a payment rate on which they decide whether or not to accept, while in the usual mode of transport they will be subject to traffic difficulties and thus Increase the amount to be paid.

The Californian company explained that the Federal Court’s decision “leaves it no other choice but to temporarily suspend VTC services in the canton while we return to dialogue with the relevant authorities to find a mutually acceptable solution.”

The truth is that the court’s decision could set a precedent that could increasingly be embraced by other countries where Uber operates.

With information from Agence France-Presse

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