Twitter delays new payment for accounts verified by US elections

social network Twitter He decided launch delay of your new payment plan Verified accounts Even after mailMid-semester lessons in United Stateas I learned the series CNN. Elon Muskthe new owner of the company who promoted this new job has taken The decision to delay this idea After the hesitant reaction among the audience. This initiative can make discrimination more difficult real users Among those who They pretend to be celebrities and politicians.

The Twitter check mark It has been used for a long time for Authenticity confirmation From Government officials, dignitaries and journalistsfor which the procedure has succumbed to criticism, particularly due to concerns that it could affect American Elections.

However, the change in the payment plan launch date occurs one day after the platform Release an updated version from your app iOS Phone operating system manzana– , which shows the details of paying users Eight euros a month can get Blue check mark.

The latest update for the app is described in Apple App Store like New verification function So you can be “just like the celebrities, companies, and politicians you already follow.”

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