Tucker Carlson dared to ask Trump’s lawyer. The reaction was swift.

In the hours following Mr. Carlson’s monologue, about which talk spread rapidly through social media, Mr. Trump’s supporters have gone after not only Mr. Carlson, but also Fox News. The network became a particular source of frustration with many on the right after adopting a more skeptical view of Mr. Trump’s allegations of voter fraud and his refusal to reconsider its election night call that Mr. Biden would win Arizona.

The decision, which proved correct, deeply angered the President and prompted him to start promoting some smaller competitors to Fox via cable such as Newsmax and One America News Network as more suitable alternatives for his large and loyal followers.

Roche Falizadeh, the writer and podcast host who supports the president, summed up the anger at Fox by many on the right, saying “As long as Tucker Carlson works for Fox News, he cannot be completely trusted.”

Throughout the week on networks like Newsmax and OANN and talk radio programs, supporters of the president were given a steady diet of interviews with Trump allies and campaign officials and news stories promoting fraud allegations with little or no context.

One of the attorneys aiding the Trump campaign, Lyn Wood, went unanswered this week on Mr. Levin’s program when he made a fictional claim that Mr. Trump had won the election with 70 percent of the vote. A story aired by OANN on Friday afternoon falsely declared, “Michigan is back in action,” lending credence to Mr. Trump’s extraordinary but almost unsuccessful effort to delay ratification of the Detroit vote.

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Republican officials have often remained shrouded and muffled in their response, even after baseless conspiracy allegations by Mrs. Powell, Rudolf Giuliani, and other members of Mr. Trump’s legal team at Thursday’s press conference. Republicans such as Senator Johnny Ernst of Iowa, who said that Powell’s accusations were “extremely outrageous,” was the exception.

Rich Lowry, editor of National Review and sometimes a critic of the president who call His refusal to compromise the “absurdity and the fourth,” whether he was a Republican politician or talk show host, said breaking the will that many Trump supporters believed he was the legitimate winner was extremely difficult.

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