Trump news live: Latest Twitter updates and 2020 elections as president accused of “ negligible murders ” after holding a home rally in Nevada

The US President is organizing an internal campaign despite the Coronavirus pandemic

Health professionals said Donald Trump committed a “minor murder” on Sunday when his supporters attended a indoor campaign rally in Nevada.

Hundreds of people gathered at the venue despite national and state restrictions on social distancing, in what was the first internal election event for the US president since June.

However, Republican President Rona McDaniel accused Joe Biden, the Democratic presidential candidate, of responding to the country’s pandemic, after the revelation last week that Mr. Trump had reduced the risks of the Corona virus to the American public.

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Science Magazine editor says Trump has cost countless lives

After revelations last week that Donald Trump had played down the severity of the pandemic for the American public, he said Washington Post Reporter Bob Woodward said the virus was worse than seasonal flu, and he accused the US president again of the “cost.”[ing] Untold souls. “

Science The magazine’s editor-in-chief, Herbert Holden Thorpe, described Trump’s actions as “the most shameful moment in the history of American scientific policy” in an opinion piece.

He wrote: “While he was belittling the virus to the public, Trump was neither confused nor adequately informed: he had categorically lied, time and time again, about the flag to the American people.”

“These lies frustrated the scientific community and cost countless lives in the United States.”

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Trump holds his first indoor rally since Tulsa

Donald Trump hosted his first indoor rally since June on Sunday, telling a crowd from Nevada that the nation was “taking the last turn” in defeating the virus – with the nation’s death toll topping 194,000.

In an apparent effort to reproduce the campaign photos of 2016, the US president stood surrounded by hundreds of supporters, who at one point chanted “We love you” as he defies state regulations and government health guidelines on social gatherings.

Relatively few people were seen masked, according to News agencyMeanwhile, those sitting directly behind Trump have been assigned to wear face coverings.

Not since a rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma, which has been blamed for a surge in coronavirus infections, has gathered supporters at home amid a pandemic that still kills around 1,000 people a day.

“We will not shut down the country again. Shutdown will destroy the lives and dreams of millions of Americans,” the president said. “We will easily defeat the China virus.”

Additional reporting by News agency

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