Triviaverse, what is the Netflix interactive quiz and how does it work

You have already entered a tunnel triviaversethe new interactive test just launched Netflix? If you have already heard about it and have no idea what it is, then we will take care of describing it and explaining how to operate it. How do you challenge your friends? And how to accumulate points and climb in the ranking!

More and more people are using Netflix on the go to watch movies and TV series while waiting to get to work, get home, or simply pass the time away. However, it is not always possible to watch a full movie and a full episode of a TV series, and at Netflix they have thought of providing users with something fun and fast, ideal for those who find themselves a few free minutes on their hands and do not. I do not know what to do.

The solution responds to a name Triviaverse – the world of quizzesa quick quiz experience divided into three rounds of increasing difficulty in single-player mode and two rounds in two-player mode.

What do you need to play Triviaverse?

To play Triviaverse, you only need a Netflix account and a device to access it from: smartphone, computer or smart TV using the official app of the popular streaming service.

How do you play Triviaverse on Netflix?

To immediately start testing your knowledge on a wide variety of topics, you should contactThe official Triviaverse title – We suggest you bookmark this interactive experience on Netflix, so you always have a direct link on hand – and tap or click play.

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You will immediately enter the world of the Triviaverse and first you will have to choose the mode: one player or two players. What you need to do is to answer correctly as many questions as possible within a given time and reach the highest score.

Question categories range from science to history to popular culture to every other subject imaginable! Netflix states that as you unlock higher and higher scores, the Triviamaster will award you badges. These are the badges that Netflix has already confirmed:

  • Hopeless
  • Kindergarten diploma
  • Beginner’s luck
  • Boring average
  • common human
  • One step away from Ph.D
  • Super nerdy
  • Almost fantastic
  • Genius mind
  • Gods Triviaverse

And you, what badge have you already won?

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