Tricks you may not know about the Xiaomi Calculator


Learn about some of the functions provided by the Xiaomi Calculator, which are useful nowadays

xiaomi It has, since its existence, created a unique ecosystem. This ecosystem constantly growingpartly thanks to the fame they have already achieved, in Part of mobile phones and prices.

To be a worthy competitor to other companies, Xiaomi is improving Operating System, over the years. Today we are going to talk about one of the Miui Apps, Calculator.

MIUI is always in constant evolution

We may just use a calculator to do a quick calculation from time to time, but The app gives us so much moreto overcome the typical barrier of calculating a loan or calculating temperatures, volume, or area.

In this sense, the calculator has some functions that we may not have all known, and today we will explain them below.

Display the calculator anywhere on the screen

Let’s take an example situation. We want to do, for example, a calculation How much would we have left in the bank account If we spent fuel or paid a bill.

In this case, we will certainly consider writing down the concepts one by one in the calculator, making Work is boring from our station. We have to open the app, remember the prices, go back to the calculator and add it. Or if that fails, open the split screen.

Boring, isn’t it? The Xiaomi calculator has a strange function that we may not know firsthand that it allows Activate the calculator in a floating window. To do this, we do the following:

  • We open the application from the calculator.
  • We are located in the upper left, Click on the arrows that appear.
  • The calculator will appear in a moving window.
Xiaomi Floating Calculator

Xiaomi floating calculator model on Miui 12.5

With this we will be able to work in a window, for example in notes or in our bank at the same time that we write everything in the calculator in a simple way.

In addition, if we click on In the lower left corner we can change the size of the application To comfortably adjust it on the screen, if we want to adjust opacitywe can do it Click on the top drop.

Calculate days, minutes and seconds since your birth

Another weird function that the Xiaomi Calculator has Calculate the days, hours and minutes Since we are born, being able to add the date to the calendar or share it on social networks.

Useful for example when we want Find out the days that have passed since a specific date Or note in the calendar the age and date of birth of an acquaintance. We do the following to activate the function:

  • We open the application from the calculator.
  • Click the top center icon.
  • we choose Age option.
  • We enter the date we want to check.
Xiaomi age calculator

Miui calculator displays the time elapsed since our birth

The application displays the results, in addition we can see How much time is left for our birthday?.

Calculate exchange rates without having to go to the browser

Several times it occurred to me that I needed to know how many euros, for example, 143 dollars. In this case, I always had to go to the browser to be able to see the conversion.

Thanks to the Miui calculator app, We can see in a fast way the conversion of currencies directly into the calculator, so we can manage currencies in a simple way. The best? It is updated the moment the option is opened.

Calculator Allows you to work with three currencies at the same timeWhich saves us from headaches in certain situations. Easy to set up:

  • We open the application.
  • Click on the home icon.
  • on the list, We choose currencies.
  • We configure the currencies and enter the amount for review.
Xiaomi Currency Calculator

Now you can calculate currencies from the same calculator

Calculate your body mass index

If we don’t know our BMI or BMI, we can do it in a simple way from our calculator app. We won’t need to search the internet for BMI. To do this, we do the following:

  • We open the application.
  • Click the central icon again.
  • we choose scale symbol.
  • we present to you height and weight.
  • Click an account.
Xiaomi BMI Calculator

Miui calculator shows BMI

With this, we will display the BMI, which we can share with someone or simply save it. There is an image with a graph showing the levels you are at. From underweight to overweight.

With these tricks, we can get the most out of the Xiaomi calculator app, which It is available for all Android phones in the App Store.

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