Travel and return: Italy is the 7th most popular destination in the world

L ‘Italia It ranks third among the most popular destinations in Europeafter, after Spain And the United kingdomand up to the seventh globally, with United StateAnd the United kingdom And the Swiss on the platform. This was revealed by research by MasterCard Institute of Economics Which, thanks to a consolidated analysis of publicly available travel data for 37 countries – including Italy – and total and anonymous sales activity in the banking circuit, highlights how global bookings for leisure and business trips have exceeded pre-pandemic levels and how spending on cruises, buses and trains has exceeded It has grown exponentially.

go into detail, It is estimated that around 1.5 billion passengers will choose air travel globally in 2022 compared to last year, of which only 550 million are among European citizens. Spending on global cruises, while remaining below 2019 levels, rose 62% between January and the end of April. Spending on bus travel also returned to pre-pandemic levels while spending on rail travel remained 7% lower. A positive trend is also for traveling by car with an increase in the cost of fees and car rental, respectively, by 19% and 12%.

transport aside, We spend more and more on experiences and less on material goods. And if globally pilot spending is up 34% compared to 2019, it is in countries like Italy where there is an overrun.

One of the main obstacles to the recovery of the tourism sector isinflation. In particular, it is estimated that in 2022, in most countries, incomes will increase more slowly than consumer prices for goods and services with the consequent negative impact on purchasing power. In Italy. The gap between inflation and wage increases will remain at least around two percentage points (1.8%) through the beginning of October, against a European average of 1.2%.

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