Trailer for the Netflix movie produced by Sam Raimi

The first official trailer for Nightbooks – Tales of Spooks, a children’s horror movie, has been released from Netflix starting September 15. Produced by Sam Raimi, the film, with Kristen Ritter and Winslow Fegley, mixes “Goosebumps,” “A Thousand and One Nights,” and “Hansel and Gretel.”

The first official trailer from Night books – scary tales, a children’s horror movie, will be available starting September 15 on Netflix. Produced by Sam Raimi, the genre’s guarantee – from “House” to “Drag Me to Hell” – stars Winslow Fegley as Alex, a kid who loves to write scary stories when he finds himself imprisoned by an evil witch (Kristen Ritter, who returns to Netflix after Finishing the adventures of Jessica Jones) she will try to save herself and the mysterious prisoner named Jasmine (Lydia Jewett).

Big anticipation for Sam Raimi’s debut on Netflix

The film seems to rely heavily on the visual style of “Goosebumps” as it retraces the central structures of Hansel and Gretel NS One Thousand and One Nights. Although it is a movie in which he only appears as a producer, there is a lot of anticipation around this project marking Sam Raimi’s debut on the platform. The director who started one of the most important horror stories – “The House” – never missed any of it.

Official summary

Alex (Winslow Fegley) is a kid who loves scary stories, but when he is imprisoned in the modern apartment of a wicked witch (Kristen Ritter) in New York, he meets another inmate named Jasmine (Lydia Jewett) and discovers that he must tell him a new story of fear every night in order to survive the… Witch threats.

cast and direction

The film is based on J.A. White’s bestselling book in the United States, and combines the basic idea of One Thousand and One Nights NS Hansel and Gretel. Film directing David Yarovsky (The Hive, Brightburn). Neil cast Troviamo: Kristen Ritter, Winslow Fegley, Lydia Jewett, Khila Ayn, Jess Brown, Luxton Handspeaker, Miley Hayek, Liam Coveon, Taylor Bell E. Eden Jukka.

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