Top 5 most common scams on TikTok

TikTok logo. (Photo: Marketing Cocktail)

tik tok already become one social networks The most widely used, especially by the new generations. However, they are its those who are always exposed to cafe attack Because they tend to trust online users and some cyber attackers take advantage of this to deceive them.

In the official blog of ESET, Cyber ​​Security Professionals, it was clarified that TikTok has become one of the preferred platforms to launch computer tricks: “In an application where users are logging in minute by minute, scams can easily surprise people and cause them to lose their money or lose their own accounts.”

The main cyber scams that lead to TikTok, according to the software company that specializes in cybersecurity, are five:

1. Cryptocurrencies

In a short time, virtual money rose and fell several times, generating a lot of spread around it. All these scams are on TikTok, just like scams encryption Which reached other applications such as Youtube.

Cryptocurrency scams on TikTok.  (Photo: Voice of Chile)
Cryptocurrency scams on TikTok. (Photo: Voice of Chile)

2. Phishing

a e-mail or SMS A TikTok phishing message is a message that appears randomly as a normal message, but hopes to reach your TikToker inbox. They can try to file a file Verified badge, more followers or even referral.

When the target clicks the link in the message, the victim is redirected to a website that requires TikTok credentials.

If you do not enable two-factor authentication (2FA), Once this data is distributed, cybercriminals will take control of the account and can even ban users or the account holder itself.

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3. Bot accounts

Unfortunately, TikTok is still full of accounts bot It intelligently interacts with users in ways that make them believe they are talking to a real person.

These bots may ask victims for sensitive information or even suggest that they be redirected to a website that is actually a phishing site trying to steal information or install malware on the phone.

4. Fake Celebrities

Some accounts may try to impersonate real celebrities. This is usually done by copying the content of a famous person’s account.

This is an attempt to get as many followers as possible and before they are detected and reported, they may use the platform to promote other scams like Investment tricks in Cryptocurrency.

Fake Celebrity Live Streaming on TikTok.  (Photo: Tenable)
Fake Celebrity Live Streaming on TikTok. (Photo: Tenable)

5. Fake apps

Fake TikTok accounts sometimes advertise downloadable apps. The problem is that these apps are not real either. Some accounts claim that some paid apps can be downloaded for free from some third-party app stores.

However, trying to steal information. These apps will be installed Malware also adware In the device.

How to prevent someone from knowing that their TikTok profile has been reviewed

1. Access TikTok and go to the section Profile personly.

2. Then tap eye symbol that appears at the top of the screen.

3 Once in the Offers section of your TikTok profile, click gear sign that appear above.

4 – Finally, disable The option is called Profile View History.

Steps to turn off TikTok views.  (Photo: TikTok / Jose Arana)
Steps to turn off TikTok views. (Photo: TikTok / Jose Arana)

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