Top 10 football movies

As a full contact sport, injuries are the order of the day in football, with the NFL now striving to make games as safe as possible. However, like the movie, that wasn’t always the case shattered truth Indicates. The drama is again based on true events and revolves around the research of Dr. Bennett Omalu. One day, a forensic pathologist and neuroscientist discovered important links between long-term brain damage and the concussion players suffered during their time in the NFL. However, with so much money at stake for the NFL, he is doing his best to discredit the researcher. However, he was not deterred and fought back.

To present the researcher d. Producer Will Smith won Bennett Omalo. Also co-stars are Alec Baldwin, JoJo Mbatha-Raw, Arliss Howard, Paul Reiser, Luke Wilson, Adewell Akinoway-Agbaji, David Morse and Albert Brooks. The film was shot nearly ten years after Bennett Omalo first published his research findings. Today it is considered a pioneering and important step in the history of football to make the sport safer, especially with regard to head injuries and concussions.

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