Djokovic: Tennis star’s father rages ahead of Australian Open – sports mix

Excitement about immigration Novak Djokovic (34) also in Australia for a comedy by the way. Because the father TennisThe stars sense the great conspiracy and raise his son to the “leader of the free world”…

Serjian Djokovic (61 years old) rages against Serbian newspaper Blick: “My son is in Australian captivity tonight, but he has never been freer. From that moment on, Novak became a symbol and leader of the free world, the world of poor and underprivileged nations and peoples.”

Then Papa Djokovic becomes truly pathetic: his son is “Spartacus of the New World who does not tolerate injustice, colonialism and hypocrisy, but fights for the equality of all people on the planet.”

As a reminder, Spartacus was a Roman slave and gladiator who led the slave revolt in the ancient Roman Empire.

But this is not enough. In another interview with the Serbian Telegraph, the Serbian suspected a plot: “The rich world may no longer allow Novak to play tennis, but thus she revealed her true colors and began a more serious game. On the one hand, the greedy members of the world oligarchy, on the other hand, the whole world Freedom-loving and proud who still believes in justice, truth, fair play and the dreams of their children.”

Twisted phrases speak for themselves. Anyway, the truth is that tennis millionaire Novak Djokovic (34) has entered Australian Open I refused and had his visa cancelled. He is currently stuck in a hotel for people who have had to leave Melbourne.

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According to Australian media report “The Age” and “The Sydney Morning Herald”, Djokovic’s lawyer is said to have lodged an appeal with a court in Melbourne against the deportation of the world number one. So far, they have managed to obtain an injunction so the tennis star can stay in Melbourne until Monday. Only then will the court decide how to act.

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