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In Yekaterinburg, two similar friends hacked Face ID on their iPad and demanded compensation from Apple for $ 1 million. That sum was promised by Evan Kerstik, Apple’s chief of engineering security, to anyone who finds a vulnerability in the company’s hardware. He writes how Rossian seeks compensation cable-Mash channel.

According to Daniel, he took the tablet from Nikita and wanted to ask for a passcode, when suddenly the device was unlocked with Face ID. Friends decided to contact the support service and claim compensation, but there they were told that there are practically no such cases, and they were advised to simply reset and reinstall Face ID. They were not offered compensation, but Daniel and Nikita intend to claim the amount declared by Krstic.

Previously Apple I acknowledge And fix a critical bug in iPhone. According to the description of the vulnerability in the blog of security expert Jan Bier, the vulnerability in the system allowed any Apple smartphone to be controlled. The hack can be done using a proprietary wireless network protocol called AWDL. The mechanism discovered by the specialist enabled remote access to photos, messages and email on the iPhone, as well as monitoring the status of the device.

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