Today the Democratic Party Assembly. Enrico Leta will be the new secretary

The support of the big names of the party, the greetings of the Testachio members, and the next round between clubs: “From there the ideas will emerge for the party and the homeland.” Appointment at 9.30 with delegates on a video call, very early in the afternoon announcement

The day starts at 9:30 AMDemocratic Party Association Who will be crowned Enrico Leta is the new party secretary. The appointment will bring together thousands of delegates, all of whom will be connected by videoconference. Several senior party members have already expressed their support on social networks To Lita: “Thank you Enrico,” Dario Franceschini, Paolo Gentiloni and Andrea Orlando wrote on Twitter. Leader of the Democratic Senate group, Andrea Marcucci, “The senators of the Democratic Party are ensuring maximum parliamentary cooperation for Enrico Lita. Europe, health security and Draghi’s agenda for relaunching the Democratic Party.” “We are all now working together to renew the Democratic Party,” says Graziano Delrio and Defense Minister Lorenzo Guerrini. “With Enrico Letta, forward together. He will be able to rebuild party unity, dictate a reformist agenda, bring Italian progressives and democrats together. Good luck,” also wrote on Twitter, Undersecretary for European Affairs Enzo Amendula. .

“Daji Enru, put these pieces away!” Lita found a sign welcoming him to me Department of the Democratic Party TestaccioWhere he passed away on Saturday morning. His club – who did not sever ties with him even in those years when he was moving to Paris – applauds him. He greets the militants and shares some impressions with them: “What shall I say tomorrow?” , He asks, urging them to “open up and talk to people.” With that in mind, the ad, which has been relaunched since Monday, is about a a tour Two weeks in circles: “From there, ideas will emerge for the party and the nation.”

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Meanwhile, according to Prof. vote Ipsos Courier, 23 percent of Democratic voters would like him to be a secretary. Majority share. It is followed by Stefano Bonacini (19%), Anna Finuciaro (10%), Roberta Pinotti (7%) and Andrea Orlando (5%). Also according to the survey, half of the people interviewed believed that in order to compete from an electoral point of view, the Democratic Future Party (DFP) should aim to “recapture voters who have moved away in recent years and It proposes itself as the sole and majority force of the center-leftOnly 30 percent of those who vote for the Democratic Party are pushing forAllied with M5s and Leu.


Actions will open at 9.30 By the President of the Democratic Party, Valentina Kobe, with the word and the notification of the resignation of Nicolas Zingaretti. The association will then be suspended for about an hour and a half, in order to sign the nominations to the secretariat (there will be only Enrico Lita nomination) and will resume around noon, with the intervention of Lita himself, who yesterday, after visiting the Roman Club, returned to his home to write his speech. In the end Electronic voting – And as such, very fast. At around half past one, Lita could already be declared a secretary.

Lita’s return. What awaits

If the former prime minister returns to Nassiri, he will be For the first time after seven years of entering the party headquarters. For Lita, it is clear that the relationship with the company will be central Draghi’s government, Which the Democratic Party will have to continue to support with greater commitment than ever before as it challenges other majority forces on crucial issues of the main center-left party. A centrality that has sometimes faded in recent months which must be restored instead starting with the concrete proposals that Lita intends to put in place immediately after the Club Listening campaign. The world is changing rapidly, there is a new equilibrium in Europe, more advanced than it was when Lita left Sheggy’s palace, there is a new president of the United States who is once again opening up to pluralism. But There are millions of the most vulnerable people the Democratic Party should talk to, let go of LTZFrom the urban centers that remain the vault of his voices, but at the expense of the peripheral areas of cities and the country. The fragility, which has been so strongly demonstrated during the epidemic, entire areas of society and the country have suffered from the health and economic crisis with greater difficulty. To the most vulnerable people, Lita will explain that Diem should start giving answers again. As for the AlliancesLita will not deny the dialogue made by Nicola Zingaretti. But first and foremost, it will be the Democratic Party that will have to reopen, have a dialogue with the center-left parties and with the M5s.

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