“Social space is available to everyone” – Emmendingen

BZ PORTRAIT: Aki-Sotiris Kiokpasoglou is the new head of Haus Eliah’s homeless aid in Emmendingen.

. Person-to-person confrontation and the challenge of working to ensure he is more fair: These two themes have worked like a red thread throughout his life, says Aki-Sotiris Kyukpasoglu, who was the new head of homeless aid in Imenden for a few days and who succeeded Alphonse Westman at Ilya’s home.

He came to help the homeless through AGJ’s Offenburg facility, the professional association for prevention and rehabilitation of the diocese of Freiburg. It was exciting for him to work with individuals, but at the same time he saw the political side, he says. Take housing, for example: if people are having trouble housing, are struggling with rent arrears, or because they don’t care about themselves or their apartment, then this is not just an individual problem, he says: There is also a shortage of living space.
Even in Offenburg, his focus was on helping the homeless in an outpatient setting; The classic street work and outpatient help he had enjoyed for years and …

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